RSS/Atom Data Provider I

Choose it from the list of available plug-ins and press Add button. The following window will open.

In RSS/Atom Feed field enter the URL of the needed RSS feed.

To check the connection, press Test Feed button. You will receive a message if the connection is successful.

There are two advanced options available for choosing the proper behavior if the RSS feed is not reachable or if there is no data.

Check the first check-box, into Advanced area if the RSS feed is not reachable, but you want to see the old data in the relative X-Pert Graphics object;

Check the second check-box, if there is no any data in RSS feed, but you want to have some text into related X-Pert Graphics object (like “No data available” or “please excuse us…”, etc.).

Press Apply button to accept the settings.

Press Close button to close the window without changes.