XML Data Provider

Choosing this plug-in allows you to insert data into X-Pert Graphics object from an *.xml file.

Choose it from the list of available plug-ins and press Add button. The following window will open:

Into XML field, enter the location of the *.xml file.

Into XSL field enter the location of the related *.xsl (*.xslt) file.

A *XSL (eXtensible Stylesheet Language) file is needed for defining XML document transformation and presentation. Since the XML language does not use predefined tags, it is necessary to provide the application with information on how to interpret the XML document.

In X-Pert Graphics, the XSL file is needed to transform the XML file to coma separated text table.

NOTE: Under Microsoft Windows 7 you can use only Msxml4.0 (with update msxml4-KB973685). Under Microsoft Windows 10 you have to use Msxml6.0

If you have a header line, check the check-box Treat first row as header.

Press More button to see the source *.xml file, the related *.xls file and the result of the transformation. In order to see the Result, first press Play button.

NOTE: If *.xml files used with XML data provider are web based files, it is needed to download these files locally on your PC first. For downloading, you can use a dedicated application (Downloader.exe) included in X-Pert Graphics installation folder.

You can find Downloader.exe in the X-Pert Graphics folder. Start the application and the following window will open:

To add a new source for downloading, right mouse click on the black area and the set-up dialog will appear. Here you have to enter the URL of the source and the location for saving the file. If access to the source needs some Username and Password, enter them in the relevant fields.