ODBC Data Provider

This plug-in allows connecting to ODBC-compatible database formats and displaying the information they contain on the screen.

Choose the ODBC Data Provider in the list of available plug-ins and press Select/Edit.

The ODBC Connection Manager will open.

Press Create new connection to create a new connection. The following dialog will open for you to specify the Connection Alias and view the Connection String.

Press Build to configure the connection. The window below will open:

The ODBC configuration dialog contains four tabs:

In the Provider tab, select the data base type you want to connect to.

When you click Next, the Connection tab opens, so you could configure the connection to the selected database.

The Connection tab looks differently depending on the Provider you have chosen. When you are done entering the connection details, presses Test Connection to check if it works correctly.

After configuring the connection, you can open the Advanced tab for more configuration options, which differ depending on the selected Provider.

Finally, you could view all settings for the current connection in the All tab. Click OK and Close in all open windows until you return to the Data Source Manager. In it, double-click on the newly-created ODBC Data Provider instance. A fine-tune dialog will open for you to configure the data Query. Press Execute Command to check if the connection is working correctly.

Press Apply and Close.

To assign the ODBC Data Provider instance to an object, drag it from the list in the right to the relevant object in the left. Close the Data Source Manager window.