FileLink Data Provider

Select this plug-in if you intend to link certain objects in X-Pert Graphics to text documents.

Earlier in this Manual it was described a simple file link. It is assigned to a text object and shows the whole text document, as it is.

Unlike simple File Link, the FileLink Data Provider allows the user to modify how the text from the text document will be displayed on screen.

By using FileLink Data Provider, one text document could be interpreted as a table. It is applicable for texts, where the data is organized in columns and rows. The user can define in what kind of order to display the rows and columns.
Select the File Link Data Provider and press Config. Browse for the file you need, select it and press Open.

The dialog above will appear, so you could define Formatting of the linked file.

Check the  Header row check box, if the first row of the linked document is a column header and should not be visible on the screen.

Check the  Format rows check box if the file consists column delimiters (like coma, semicolon, etc.). Selecting this check – box will activate Columns Delimiter radio-buttons.

Check the Skip Blank rows check box, when there are empty rows in the linked file; they will be skipped on data scrolling in the text object.

Check the  Group up to blank row check box, if you want to show into the text object, a group of data separated by empty row.

Check the  Group by paragraph check box, if you want to show into the text object, a group of data separated by some Paragraph Delimiter. Checking this check – box will activate Paragraph Delimiter radio-buttons.

Columns Delimiter is a symbol, which is used for separating the data by columns in the text file. You can choose between Tabulation (Tab), Comma (,) and Semicolon (;) as delimiter, or you can define your own delimiting symbol in field Other

Paragraph Delimiter is a symbol, which is used for separating the data by paragraphs in the text file. You can select a certain number of rows as paragraph separation or you can define a symbol, which to be used as paragraph separator. Enter the symbol in Char field.

If you want to separate the source data by paragraphs, but there are not delimiter symbols inside your file or the numbers of rows per each paragraph is different, then you can use the X-Pert Delimited Inserter.

X-Pert Delimited Inserter (TextConvert.exe) is an additional application, which helps the users to separate the source data file at different paragraphs. It is installed through the main X-Pert Graphics installation. You can start the application from X-Pert Graphics main folder (by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\X-Pert Multimedia Solutions\X-Pert Graphics).

Into the Source field, browse the location and name of the source file.

Into Destination field browse the location and name of the resulting file.

Select the type of the delimiter symbol in Delimiter field.

It is possible to have alternating paragraphs with different length (number of rows). Then you can select the number of rows for the first paragraph in TitleRows field and the number of fields for the second paragraph in Descr. Rows.

Let the source file contains news data, organized into two paragraphs: in the first one there are the titles of the news and in the second one, there are the full texts of the news. Then the “Title Rows” number is different than the “Description”rows number.
When you are ready, press the Save and Apply button. The new file will be created in destination folder. Depending on status of this process, the next three squares will flash:
First square is Running status : Red=Stop; Green=Running;
Second square is Error status: Red=Error; Green=OK;
Third square is Converting status: Yellow=Converting; Green=Waiting for file change.
If the source file is updated periodically, keep the Delimiter inserter opened. It will create a new file at each saving of the source file. Converting square will show the status.
Back into the Data Source Manager window; drag the FileLink data source from the right to a text object in the left.
When you release the mouse button, a link fine-tune dialog will open so you could select which column from the file should be linked to that text object.

NOTE: Currently with File Link Data Provider, you can link your text object only to *txt files!