Color coding

The color-coding of the playlist’s rows provides additional information to the user:

Pink row – outlines the currently playing clip. It is visible in PLAY and PAUSE modes only.

Yellow row – it is visible only while switching between clips. It shows which clip will be played next. In that moment, the yellow clip is being actually fed into the decoder circuit. This happens during the last couple of seconds before the end of the previous clip. The clip cannot be moved, trimmed or deleted anymore. Just for comparison, competitive playout solutions tend to permanently lock the clip after the currently playing one, which reduces on-air flexibility and your last-minute decision freedom.

Blue row indicates the currently selected clip – all actions, i. e. Jump, Move Up/Down will be applied to it.

Red row highlights those files in the playlist that are missing/invalid (not supported from the currently installed hardware). The playback skips such files and plays the next available clip.

If the file is missing, you can set the time interval for automatic check for missing files (Settings -> General -> Missing Files -> Check Missing files every [] sec).

Light cyan row outlines the playlist events when selected.

NOTE: You can change these colors to fit your personal preferences in Settings -> Colors ->  Playlist tab.