In the Database tab you can change the database to be edited in X-Pert Compact MAM. The name of the currently open database is displayed in the Database field. You can browse for another database using the Browse  button to the right of this string.

IMPORTANT: The “server” station, which will host the database (*.gdb) file should have the hard-drive shared as a single letter (d, c, etc.).

Below you will see the default User name and Password. These are used automatically when connecting to a database. Select the desired character set to be used from the Charset drop-down list.

To check if you have entered the password correctly, push the Try to connect button.

WARNING! Always check if you can connect to the database, using the new password, before closing X-Pert Compact MAM! If the password is wrong, you will not be able to connect to the database and you will not have access to the Database tab to recover it!

IMPORTANT: Please, make sure to write a clear secret question and answer to avoid such occasions! We will NOT be able to recover your password and the database will become inaccessible!