Weather Data Provider

This data provider displays information coming from weather forecast sources. For now, the only available provider is  weather. In this way online weather information will be shown in the objects.

To adjust the Weather Data Provider, click the Data Source Manager  button in the main X-Pert Graphics interface. The Data Source Manager dialog will open. The left part of it contains a list of all objects in the current project. To add a new Weather Data Provider instance, press the ADD button. A list of all currently available data source plug-ins will open. Select the Weather Data Provider and after that press the ADD button. A dialog will appear for specifying a station:

Use the Country and City drop-down lists to pick your desired location. Keep the Metric box checked if you want the temperature to be displayed in Celsius. Uncheck it for Fahrenheit. Press the Test button to see if the connection to the station is successful. Press Apply to save your configurations and then press Close.

After pressing OK, a Weather Data provider instance will appear in the list to the right part of the Data Source Manager dialog. For displaying information, using this instance, select the  line and drag it to the object desired.

When you release the mouse button, a fine-tune dialog will open so you can select what kind of information will be shown in the object (as Temperature, Postal Code, Current city humidity, etc.).

This plug-in will display the weather information according to the settings you have made.

For example, if you intend to display information about Sofia town and you have chosen Temperature C from the Field drop-down list, the Weather Data Provider will show the current temperature within the object.