Slide Controller

The slide controller will play your slides consecutively, with duration at your will. If you want to rearrange the order of showing the slides, you will have to drag-n-drop them in the Details tab. If you want to skip a slide, just disable it by un-checking the Enable check box in its row.

The Slide Controller window contains four rows and eight buttons. The Controller counter is situated in the top row. It counts the time since the slide controller was started.

Below, you can see the name of the currently playing slide.

Further down is the Slide counter. By default, it shows the elapsed time since the start of the current slide. If you want to see how much time remains to the end of the slide duration, click in the Time -> cell. It will turn into <Time and will start counting down.

The last row has three parts – play status, loop value and the number of the currently playing slide.

At the bottom of the Slide Controller are situated the playout control buttons. They provide hints and hotkeys:













Go to First Slide

Ctrl + Home

Go to Previous

Ctrl + PageUp

Go to Next

Ctrl + PageDown

Skip Next Slide

Ctrl + Left arrow

By default, the Slide Controller is a separate window that appears outside the Slide Manager. If you want to lock it to the Slide Manager window, right-click in the counter and select Dock in Manager.