Project control buttons

The first three buttons at the top of the Slide Manager window are used for controlling Slides. You can Add , Insert , and Delete  slides by using them.

NOTE: The difference between Adding slides and Inserting slides is that when you add a slide, it appears at the bottom of the slides list, while when you insert a slide, it appears above the currently selected slide.

The following two buttons are used to control Layers. You can Add  or Delete  layers.

While in the Details tab, you can show/hide slides’ thumbnails by pushing the Thumbnails button .

In case you need to move a slide or an object, just drag-n-drop it to the new place where you would like it to be.

If you want to show/hide/pause a slide, a layer, or an object manually, slide the mouse pointer to the end of its row. The Play/Stop/Pause  buttons will appear. They are related only to the currently selected line. The elements’ hierarchy will be observed, i.e., when you push Play for a Slide, all Layers and objects that belong to it will be played (if not disabled). If you push Play for a Layer, only the objects in this layer will be played. Respectively, if you push Play for an object, X-Pert Graphics will show only this object.

If a Slide is in Stop mode, it will not prevent you from playing its Layers and objects.

Pressing the  Shortcut mode button will enable the shortcuts functionality. Thus, if you have assigned some shortcuts to slides in your project, you will be able to control these slides using the relevant shortcuts. Please, check the Preview section below for details.