In the past, you could create your X-Pert Graphics projects in a single layout only. If you had to open a new layout, you had to load a new project. It was like having a single sheet of paper per project. With the Slide Manager your project turns into a sketchpad, allowing you to organize your projects in a multi-slide layout. Each sheet of this pad is called a Slide. In each Slide you can have numerous groups of objects, called Layers. Finally, in each Layer you can have as many objects as your system can handle.

You can now control your slides/layers/objects manually, or play the slides consecutively (or simultaneously) by using the Slide Controller.

The Slide Manager is locked to the right of the work area. You can open and close it by using the Slide Manager  button, situated in the lower right corner of the X-Pert Graphics interface. You can also drag the Slide Manager out of the main X-Pert Graphics window.