Objects List

The Objects list occupies the lower part of the Scheduler window. All the scheduled objects and their settings are displayed in it.

In front of each object in the list, there is a check-box. It is used for activating/ deactivating the scheduler settings of the particular object.

Right-clicking on an item from the Objects list opens a context menu for copying and pasting the object settings. You can also use the following key combinations:

<Ctrl + Alt + C> - Copy

<Ctrl + Alt + V> - Paste

Please, refer to the dialog below:


EXAMPLE: As it is visible in the Date field, [Picture1] starts at 8 o’clock on March 16th, and it is put on schedule until December, 30th. Furthermore, in the Duration field it is set to be displayed for 15 minutes every hour. Finally, [Picture1] is also being displayed on Tuesdays and Saturdays, as set in the Advanced area.