This class is used in the same way as the [TTBObject] class. You can create new slides (CreateNew command) and link to already created slides (Create command), and you need to set your Slide free after you stop working with it (Free command).

A description of all properties, procedures, and functions that the [TTBSlide] class supports is available in Appendix 9 below. Furthermore, you can check Example 4, Example 5 and Example 9 in Appendix 7 below to see how it works in practice.

NOTE: If you attempt to create a new slide with the name of an already existing one, X-Pert Graphics will return an error in the Debug view.

NOTE: If you use the Delete command to delete a slide, only the slide will be removed and not the objects, contained in it. They will simply be moved to the ‘zero’ slide, which contains all objects that are not assigned to a particular slide.