Default Values

You can define values for the mostly used record’s fields in this tab. By default, they are not defined.

Media type - the default Media type set in New Record-> Instances Media Type.

Country – the default Country of origin set in New Record -> General -> Country.

Stream name – the default Stream name set in New Record -> Instances ->[Stream] Name.

Instance name – the default Name of the instance set in New -> Record  Instances -> [Instance] Name.

Quality – the default Instance visual quality set in New Record -> Instances -> [Instance] Quality.

Color-coding – in this cell you can define which grid column will be color-coded.

Color to X-Pert Playout – defines which field color will be transferred during drag-n-dropping to X-Pert Playout.

Auto sort by – defines a field which will be used for Grid sorting by default.

Expiry period – the number of days after an instance (copy) was created, whereupon the instance (copy) will be considered expired. If it is set to zero, no expiration will take place. It corresponds to the Kill date in New Record  -> Instances -> Main Instance.

Priority – click on it and select a priority from the drop-down menu that appears.

Properties – click on this field and set your desired properties by checking the relevant check-boxes in the dialog that appears.

Age rate – the default Age rate, set in New Record -> General -> Age Rate.

Rating – the default Rating, set in New Record -> Additional -> Rating.

Total runs – click on this field in order to set the total number of runs.

Original Language – the language of the record’s content.

Stream Language – the language of the main stream.