Time Events



This is used for preparation of time schedules for events’ execution.

In the Time Events window first you have to Enable time events by checking the relevant check-box at the bottom of the window.

Select the Execution Period – Hourly, Daily or Weekly, as well as Time for executing the event.

Click the Add button and a list of all available events will appear. Select the desired event and define it, as it is done in the Add/Insert event dialog.


In the example above, a Miranda Router event will be executed on Workdays at 14:16:30 o'clock.

The automated capturing event will be performed each day at 19:00 h.  Also, a Logo ON command will be started today at 15 o'clock.


If you want to modify an entry, select it and click the Edit button.

If you want to delete the entry, select it and click the Remove button.