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Select this item to display the additional windows, available with the currently used output module.             


Volume control window





This is an additional window, which appears close to the main X-Pert Playout window. You can resize it by stretching its edges. 

The image to the right shows the Volume control window of an X-Pert Playout that has two different audio configurations. The first one is for stereo, i.e., a left and a right audio channel – the [Default] section to the left. The second one is for 5.1 audio, i.e., 5 audio channels – the [Stream] section to the right. Notice that the [Default] section shows only two channels, as it represents a stereo output, while the [Stream] section shows six channels, as it is for 5.1 output.

The colored fields in the window are volume & peak meters. The narrower band shows the peak levels in each separate channel, and the wider one to the right shows the overall peak levels. The scroll to the right shows is the [Master] volume slider. This Volume slider also is visible in the main X-Pert Playout interface (between the multi-purpose zone and the playback control buttons).If you move the slider from the Volume Control window, it is moved in the main interface too.

Right-clicking on the Volume Meter area opens a context menu, like the one shown below



The Show Master and Show All Channels commands allow you to hide / unhide the master and the channel bars respectively. 

In the Stream and Channel Orientation menus you can select the direction of the stream and the peak bars respectively.

The Reset command nullifies the peak values and the Skin option allows you to select a skin color for your peak bars.

The Edit – debug command opens the Designer dialog, where you can configure the overall appearance of the Volume Control window. The Designer dialog contains the following tabs: 


The General tab allows you to Load and Save custom skins for your Volume Meter. Here you can also set your Background and Outline colors.



Note that when you configure your desired settings, you need to click the Apply button in order to change the appearance of the Volume Meter window.

Furthermore, you can dynamically view how the appearance of the Volume Meter changes if you place a check in the Auto Update box.


In the Scales tab you can show / hide the scales via the Visible box and set the scales type to Momentary or Short Term.



Use the Left / Top / Width / Height / Tick Size spin-boxes to edit the appearance of the bars.

The Color Values field allows you to edit the bar colors, depending on the peak levels. Finally, use the Outline field to set borders in your desired positions and / or colors.


The Numeric Scale tab allows you to configure the appearance of the numeric scales in the Volume Meter. You can show / hide it via the Visible checkbox, set its Width, Distance, Position, and Color. Furthermore, you can choose the number of Ticks (values) shown in the scale via the respective spin-box.  This tab also allows you to set the Color, Position, and Text of the number values.


Use the Title/Indicators tab to configure the position and appearance of the Titles and Indicators in the Volume Meter window. You can set the Alignment, Justification, Font, and Color of the Titles. For the indicators you can change their position in the dialog, Color, and Alignment.



Finally, in the MaxPeak tab configure the Shape, position, and colors of the max peak indicator.