Other "View" commands


System Timer

This is a system time clock. It could be shown as a digital or analog clock. Right-click on it and select the desired appearance from the context menu. You can also set whether the date to be visible, or not.


Clip Timer

This is a clip-related timer. Its accuracy depends on the MPEG2 decoder used. Right-clicking over it opens a context menu, in which you can choose the timer mode (time elapsed/remaining). If you check the [Count down] item, the timer will show exactly how much time remains until the end of the currently playing clip. The background is black and a blue progress bar indicates what portion of the clip has already passed. If you uncheck the [Count down] row, the Clip timer will start counting up, showing the elapsed time from the beginning of the clip. The colors of the progress bar and the digits will reverse.

TIP(!): The color of the progress bar and that of the digits can be changed in Settings -> Colors -> Timers by clicking in the relevant fields there.


Block Timer

This is an event-related countdown timer. It shows how much time remains until the selected playlist event or until the [End of the playlist]. Choose the event type to display from the drop-down list: [Stop], [Stop Cue], [Wait], [WaitUntil], etc. If there are several uniform events in the playlist, they are shown in a pop-up list, arranged by their playlist line numbers so you can choose one of them. If you do not select an event, by default, the timer will show the time remaining till the end of the playlist. 

A progress bar indicates how much of the time has already passed. The color of the progress bar and that of the numbers can be set from Settings > Colors > Timers.


Timecode Timer

The timecode timer displays the timecode received from the LTC Reader plug-in, if available. The incoming LTC should be connected to the sound card of the playout server.


Daily playlist viewer

The Daily Viewer is a tool that will help you manage your daily playlists. In the area above you can view all daily playlists. The number in the brackets in front of the start time represents the number of days remaining till the start.


EXAMPLE: (2)12:00:00 means that the playlist will start in two days, twelve o’clock.


When you click once on a daily playlist row, its items will be displayed in the grid below.

NOTE: Double-clicking on a daily playlist line will load it immediately. Please, note that this will interrupt the playback!



Selecting this item in the View menu will open a Log View window. It is used to show the events that have occurred during the X-Pert Playout operation. 

TIP(!): All windows can be freely resized and moved around the screen, staying on top of other windows. 

<Ctrl>+click on a Timer window will change its appearance. Check it out! 

Right-clicking on any timer window opens a drop-down menu. Select Can Snap in it to lock the timer position to the main window


Themes - full presentation view of the themes can be found in Appendix 16 - Themes.


Show Tooltips

When checked an informative text will appear when you hover over, focus on, or tap an element in X-Pert Playout user interface.


External video window and Show external video window options shows/hides the external video preview window. Click to enable/disable it.


Arrange windows

Click to align all open timer windows below the main X-Pert Playout window.