Other "File Menu" Commands


New Playlist

This command evokes the X-Pert List module – it opens a new blank playlist for editing.


Load playlist

Loads an existing playlist file (*.ply). You can also open a Automation XML playlists (*.xml).

WARNING! Loading a playlist on the currently playing X-Pert Playout window will stop the playback. A warning dialog box will appear each time you try to do so.

Append playlist

This item appends another playlist to the end of the currently loaded playlist.


Insert playlist

This menu item inserts another playlist in the currently loaded playlist, above the currently selected row.


Import playlist

By using this feature you can import third-party playlists in X-Pert Playout. Find more details in Import a tab-delimited file  and Import playlists with fixed-width data fields sections further in this manual.


Save as

This command saves the current playlist to a file. Except for our generic playlist format (*.ply), now you can save your playlists to XML files as well.

NOTE: The XML playlist has a generic X-Pert format. Therefore, you cannot load any XML file as a playlist!

Save playlist

This command saves the current playlist file. The saved file contains the names of all clips arranged by their running numbers in the grid, as well as some additional attributes, like playlist name, loop status, etc.


Save daily playlist

Read all full details on this command in the section below.

Publish playlist

Saves the playlist in a custom directory, which can be observed by another software.

Print playlist

Both X-Pert Playout and X-Pert List provide the option of printing the current playlist. More details you may found in this section.


Export playlist as XLS

Use this option to export your playlists to comma-separated value (CSV) *.xls files.


Export Logs in XLS files

          If you need to convert the tab-delimited log files to XLS format, click on this menu item. A browse dialog will open for you to select which log to export – just select it and click Open. The resulting *.xls file will be saved to the same directory.

Export capture list

If there are missing files in the playlist, invoking this command will create a list of missing clips for capturing in a *.cap file. Exported *.cap files are X-Pert Ingest compatible.


Reload graphic Rules

The graphic rules are saved in a *.dat file in the X-Pert Playout program directory. The graphic rules of the first X-Pert Playout instance (channel) are saved in the GraphRules1.dat file. The rules for the second X-Pert Playout instance are saved in a GraphRules2.dat file, and so on. This *.dat file is loaded upon X-Pert Playout startup. If you want to change the graphic rules without stopping the program, overwrite the relevant Graphrules#.dat file first. Then, go to File menu Reload graphic rules.


Rescan file duration

Use this command to rescan the durations of all files in the playlist.



Use this command to quit X-Pert Playout.