Print Playlist


Both X-Pert Playout and X-Pert List provide the option of printing the current playlist. After choosing the Print command, a Print-Preview window opens and displays the current playlist. The columns and their order of appearance are the same, as in the grid.

In the Print Preview dialog, you can change the columns’ size and adjust the following settings:

The drop-down list to the left contains all currently connected printers. Here you can select which printer to use.

To the right of it, you can select the Font type and Font size of the printed document

Print  – press this button to start printing the playlist.

Page Orientation  buttons – you can choose between Portrait and Landscape.

Selection   button – push it to print only the rows that have been previously selected in the grid.

The Name of the printer (it may be a local or a network-connected printer).

First page/Last page  buttons – respectively go to the first and the last page of the content to be printed

Go to previous page/Go to next page  buttons – respectively visit the previous and the next page of the content to be printed

Refresh Table  button – press it to update the view.

Auto-size Columns  button – press it to automatically fit the columns’ width to their content.