Save daily playlist

This menu item saves the current playlist in compliance with the naming requirements for daily playlists. This saving option will not be active if you have not specified a Daily playlist folder (see Settings menu -> Start Upů  Start Up playlist).

WARNING! When using fixed time events in daily playlists, the playlist should start and end within the same calendar day (i.e., the daily playlist should not go beyond midnight). Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the proper operation of the fixed time logics and the daily playlist logics.

WARNING! We strongly DO NOT recommend using stop events and live streams without duration in daily playlists. The reason is that in case of accidental shut down, there is no way to calculate the duration of these items and thus, to determine the insertion point. So, X-Pert Playout will not be able to catch up with the schedule. You can still use them in daily playlists, but at your own risk.