Import playlists with fixed-width data fields

In addition to the existing schedule import engine for tab-delimited or *.csv (Comma Separated Values) files, a new schedule type will be available for import – flat text with fixed-width data fields. For importing such playlists, go to File Menu -> Import playlistů. Then, click on the More button and select the Fixed tab, situated in the fourth uppermost horizontal bar to open the dialog below:

Here you can set/modify a template, which tells X-Pert Playout how to interpret the fixed width text file, containing the playlist. In the Template drop-down list, type the template name. Click on the Sample File button to select an example of the text file that will be imported with this template. This text file will be loaded in the data preview field, which is situated at the lower part of the Playlist Template Builder dialog. The actual columns in this sample text are not separated. Each of them contains a fixed number of symbols. To define the columns’ width, you have to signify column breaks. For the sake of convenience, there is a symbol-related ruler.

To create a break line, left-click in the desired position.

To move a break line, click on it and drag it.

To delete a break line, double-click on the line.

To increase and decrease the width of the created grid, use the mouse scroll.

While sliding the mouse within the data preview window, close to the pointer you can see an indicator of the symbols, passed from the start of the ruler. For example: .

After separating the columns, left-click within the bar under the ruler to specify what kind of data the relevant column contains (for example, Title, Filename, Duration, etc.). Click on the Save button to save the template, and on the Pick button to load it.