System Bar

The system bar is situated at the bottom of the interface window. It contains buttons for hardware control:

[ON AIR] – playout notification filed. It blinks red when X-Pert Graphics is on air (i.e., the Program driver is playing).

Program – this is the button that controls the program output driver. Pressing it will start/stop the graphics frame buffer. If it is not running, no graphics will appear in the output. Pressing the arrow to the right of it opens a drop-down list that contains several items:

Stop/Play– stop or play the program output driver.

Clear will erase the graphics frame buffer, so there will be no remnants from any previously loaded projects.

Program Driver SetUp – opens the settings options of the currently selected Program driver.

Driver manager opens the list of available drivers, so you could choose the one to use for outputting the graphics or a driver to preview it.

Preview – this is the button for controlling the selected preview driver. While the preview driver is playing, the bar under the work area will turn blue. A text message in it will notify you that the Preview driver is running.

The preview mode allows you to make changes in your project, and view them in a preview window without actually applying them on the output.

When the preview driver is stopped, all changes you make in the project will be applied in real time to the output.

Pressing the arrow to the right of the Preview button opens a drop-down menu. It contains the same items as the ones of the program driver.

NOTE: In preview mode you cannot create a Flash object! You can just edit already existing objects!

NOTE: Some objects might not appear properly in the simple preview window!

Update - While in preview mode, press this button to apply the changes to the program output.

Overlay – It is not in use for the current X-Pert Graphics version.