Object Palette 

 The Object palette contains buttons for all supported graphics objects. Click on the object you need and draw a rectangle in the work area to create it. All object properties can be found in this section.


Press this button to select object(s) by dragging a rectangle around them. 

Create a Still picture object. 

Create a Text Template object (with background)

Create a Roll object (vertically running text)

Create a Crawl object (horizontally running text)

Create an Analogue Clock object (with custom background and clock hands)

Create an Animation object (a sequence of 32-bit .tga files, or animated .gif files)

Create an Animation File

Insert Direct Show Media Source

Insert a Banner object

Create a Chat note object.

Create a sound object (any DirectShow-supported sound formats – .mp3, .wav)

Create a Digital Clock object (with custom background and font)

Insert a flash object

Insert a Power Point presentation

Create a Primary shape – squares, ovals, triangles with outline offsets

Create a browser object

Create a Screen capture object

Create a chat line

Create a chat roll