SCTE 35/104 Output Playout Event




SCTE Command - the drop-down menu contains standard commands, which will indicate X-Pert Playout what to do next, i.e. [Play, Stop, Pause, Resume, Next, etc.].

[Splice Start Normal] – points to the command “Splice Start Normal”.

[Splice Start Immediate] - means that the command will be executed immediately.

[Splice End Normal] – means end of the triggering command.

[Splice End Immediate] – means that the command will be executed immediately.

[Splice Cancel] – come to cancel a recently sent Splice Start_normal command.



Splice Event Id - In this field you can specify the number of the Splice Event ID

TIP(!): When you are sending SCTE command, Splice ID specified here should be pointed to the device that will receive it.

Block Duration - Duration of the advertising block in HH:MM:SS.MS (hours: minutes: seconds. milliseconds)

Auto Return - It will send “Return” command after the event has been passed.

Repeat command - the execution of the SCTE commands n times, where n is the given number in the spin-box.

Command offset - sets a command offset by entering a value in the ms (stands for milliseconds) spin-box and selecting [earlier] or [later] from the drop-down menu.

HeartBeat event -  Inserting SCTE-35 dummy data as a placeholder to make the receiver aware that valid SCTE-35.