Wait TC event

Automatically stops the playback and resumes it upon reaching the specified time code (e.g. coming from an external timecode generator). The message to the right will be displayed on the X-Pert Playout window and the Master counter will continue running. See the LTC reader description in the Settings menu  Timecode section further in this chapter.

The TimeCode format here is HH;MM;SS;FF, where H stands for hours, M for minutes, S for seconds, and F for frames per second.

IMPORTANT: Depending on the standard you are using (PAL, NTSC, etc.), make sure to enter the corresponding number of frames in Settings -> General ->  Interface ->  Frame rate (25 for PAL and 29.97 for NTSC).

NOTE: Be aware that when you are using PAL the timecode separators are ‘:’ and when you are using NTSC they are ‘;”.