X-Ingest Plugin Playout Event



Before adding this event in X-Pert Playout playlist, specify which command to be sent to the X-Pert Ingest. The possible options are Start and Stop.

          Start command will evoke capturing process in X-Pert Ingest.

          Stop will respectively terminate any current capturing process in X-Pert Ingest.

Delay of the command can be defined by entering a value in Offset field. The timing matter is in milliseconds.

File name stands for the name of the file, which will be captured. The Choose Ingest Group field at the bottom of the dialog, can be used when a command should be send to several X-Pert Ingest applications.


NOTE: To define the ingest group, contact X-Pert Support team for further assistance on chat button https://x-pert.tv/support/, via e-mail at support@x-pert.tv or phone +359 8 77 66 33 51.