VTR Controller

Each VTR with RS-422 SONY protocol can be used in X-Pert Ingest. Use the VTR Controller interface at the bottom-right to send command to your VTR Device. Here is a short description of the VTR control panel:

The VTR brand is displayed in the window’s caption. If there is no connection, the text [Not Connected] will appear.


Display Indicators:

- TCR has three possible states – TCR (normally read timecode), T*R (corrected timecode), TCG (generated timecode, red).

- RecInh a record-protected tape is inserted in the VTR.

- Local indicates that the VTR is in local control mode and the remote control is not possible.

- Tape indicates that there is a tape in the VTR.

- EOT (End-Of-Tape) alarms that the tape is about to end or that the tape end has actually been reached.

- Indicator >> or << - shows the tape roll direction.

- Preroll indicator informs that the VTR is executing a preroll command.

- Servo indicator shows that playback is running stable.

- CueUp indicator – shows that the timecode positioning command has been successfully completed.


The Shuttle slider – allows shuttling within the particular VTR capabilities. If the VTR allows it, you could achieve variable speed by shifting this button left or right.

The Jog slider allows frame-accurate positioning.

IMPORTANT: The X-Pert modules DO NOT support the Deck Control connector supplied on the DeckLink breakout cable!

Config button – opens a configuration dialog box, where you can define:

Com port – COM port to which the recorder is connected

Timecode type – select timecode type: LTC, VITC, CTL or Timer #


 Play Compensate – compensation (in frames) of the video recorder start towards the capturing start.


NOTE: Positive numbers indicate forwarding, negative numbers indicate play delay.