Item Properties Sector

This section is designated for clip description.

Tape ID – In this field you must type the ID of the source tape from which will be captured the footage. This is very important if you work with more than one tape or the tape timecode is not continuous. Later, during the batch capture session, you will be asked for tapes by their IDs.

In field - enter initial timecode of currently selected batch item

Out field - enter final timecode of currently selected batch item

Duration – Its value is automatically calculated by subtracting In from Out values. It is possible to type a value only in the In field and define Duration. The value of Out field will be calculated automatically.

NOTE: Timecode is entered in the following manner: HH:MM:SS:FF, where HH stands for hours, MM – for minutes, SS for seconds and FF for frames. Note that time is in the 24-hour format.

 If you double-click on any of In, Out or Duration fields, a dialog for manual duration picking will appear. You can click on the required values for Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Frames.

Click on Clear if you want to reset the selected values in the time picking window.

Now can be used if you need the values of the related field to be the same as the current local time.

If you need to confirm the selected values click on OK

TIP: The duration picker dialog can be used if you need to enter the timecode values with your mouse only

To the right of In and Out fields are situated buttons Enter Timecode and Rewind to Timecode. Their function is as follows:

- Pressing the arrow, pointing left, will insert the current timecode from the VTR in the corresponding field

- Pressing the arrow, pointing down, will rewind the tape exactly to the timecode, written in the corresponding field

- Pressing the Clear button clears all values in the Item Properties Sector.

In the Comment field you could enter a description or a comment, concerning the particular scene sequence. Your comment will be displayed in the relevant Grid column.

Note: The Comment field should be filled before starting capture of the related batch item.

Title represents the name of the clip. If left empty, the field will be automatically filled-in with the corresponding File name.

Lock button  is used for locking the Title to the File name, i.e. any changes in the clip name will affect the file name and vice versa.

File Name stands for the name under which the captured clip will be saved. If left empty, the field will be automatically filled-in with the Title.

Plus button -  increases the File name.

For your convenience, the filename is automatically increased by pressing the Plus button or Add to List button.

Example: If the last clip name was [Capture001], the next filename would be [Capture002], and so on. If the filename does not end with a number, but with a letter, the letter will change in alphabetical order, i.e. if the last clip name was [Multimedia], the new filename will be [Multimedib], then [Multimedic] and so on. Of course, there is an option to enter a new name manually.

Assign to selected item  - adds newly entered clip data to the selected item from the batch capture list.

Add to List button  - transfers the clip data into the batch capture list (on the left).