Grid Columns:


- Status column shows the current state of each clip, as follows:


Status indicators

Batch item, deactivated.

The clip is being captured.

There is warning, while capturing the clip. You will receive error message with all details, when trying to capture.

Successfully captured clip.

Batch item, activated for capturing.

 TIP (!) If you receive warning status, you may refer to overwrite logic in X-Pert Ingest.  

- Tape column shows the ID of the tape, from which the particular clip will be captured.

- The In column shows the initial timecode, when clip capturing will start.

- The Out column shows the timecode, when clip capturing will stop.

- The Duration shows estimated clip duration (calculated automatically)

- The Title column shows the clip title.

- File Name column - by default it will display the details about the recorded file as follows: {CH#}_Date of recording_Time of recording

[CH#] - refers to the channel number, used for capturing the file

Date of recording - shows the date, when the file has been captured. The date format is DD-MM-YY, where DD stands for day, MM- for months and YY for year.

Time of recording - refers to the timing, when the capturing of the file has been started. The timing format is in the following manner: HH_MM_SS_MS, where HH stands for hour, MM - for minutes, SS is for seconds and MS for milliseconds.

Note: The default File name can be manually typed in Item Properties Sector. If you prefer to use the default naming convention, you have to keep in mind the setup in Channel -> Preferences -> General.

- Comments column shows the comments (if any) for each clip.

Note: The comment should be entered before starting the capture, in the relevant string of the clip data field to the right, i.e. Item Properties Sector.