Utah Switcher Playout Configuration



In the configuration window, you can define: 


RS connection via RCP1 section includes:


Com Port - the COM-port used for connecting to the switcher. You can select it from the available COM-ports.

Baud Rate - the baud rate of the port.

Parity -  specifies the type of parity bit used for detection of errors in transmission. Available options are: Even (even parity bit), Odd (odd parity bit), None (no parity bit is added and error detection is handled by the communication protocol), Mark (parity bit is always 1, present but not used), Space (always 0, present but not used).


LAN connection via RCP3:


Fill in the IP address and Port number of the switcher and click OK.

Keep connection alive -  the connection is persistent and not closed, allowing for subsequent requests to the same server to be done.