The Grid Columns

If there is a playlist, loaded in X-Pert Playout, you will see information about the clips in different columns:

Info column

Shows the row number in the playlist. Also it may contains any Show/Hide buttons or icons for easier indications for the actions related to the item.

Example: If you add a block a Show/hide button  will appear in this button; If you set a fixed time event for a media an icon  will appear.

Thumb column

Shows basic clip properties details, when the cursor is pointed there.

Start Time

This column contains each clip’s starting time. During Stop mode, it shows the current time for the clip that will be played first when the Play button is pressed. The time refreshes every 2 seconds. The following clips hold positive times calculated according to the current time and the duration of the preceding clips. During Play mode, this column shows the actual starting time for each clip. If there has been a Jump command or a clip has been trimmed during Play mode, the starting times of the following clips will be recalculated accordingly.

NOTE: By default auto-fill option is enabled. But if it's disabled and if for any reason a file is removed or renamed after the playlist is loaded, it will be considered missing and hence - colored in red. X-Pert Playout will skip it and will jump to the next available clip. The Start Time column will be recalculated accordingly.



Shows the actual duration of each clip. Naturally, if a clip has been trimmed, its actual duration will be reduced. The duration of the part to be shown will be displayed in the playlist and will be used for calculation of the starting times of all following clips.



Shows the type (such as MPEG) of the clip – this is quite useful to determine the major type of compression.



Contains category information. This information could be entered manually from the user into the playlist or could be fed from some outstanding database (for example X-Pert Compact MAM).

Note: If category is taken from X-Pert Compact MAM, you can define a field color for the clip, using X-Pert Compact MAM (Options -> Default values Color to X-Pert Playout).

The category and its color can also be defined manually in X-Pert Playout (or X-Pert List). You can fill-in the entire clip rows with their Category colors. In order to do this, go to X-Pert Playout -> Settings -> General -> Interface and select Color entire row by category.



Shows the clip’s title or filename.



Shows the file location (full path).



Contains data, describing the artists in the clip.



Contains additional data.

NOTE: If the Note is taken from X-Pert Compact MAM, you have to specify in X-Pert Compact MAM (Options General Fields to X-Pert Playout Notes) what exactly field to be transferred.

(!) TIP You can change the columns’ order by drag-n-dropping them.

(!) TIP A double-click in the first column that contains the items’ numbers will invoke the clip properties dialog. Double-clicking in any other column will open the Clip Trimmer (if it is enabled in Settings -> General (see the description further in this manual).