Here are the program creation factors: Countries, Locations, Companies, and People.

This page contains three tabs with identical structure. Each of them has a tree view that consists of two fields. The left field contains a description of some activities.

For example, the activities for Countries might be country of origin, target country, etc.; the activities for People can be star, director, editor, etc.

The names of the credits are listed in the right field. For Countries – country names, for Companies – company names, etc.

To make a choice, you have to drag-and-drop a credit’s name to some activity (i.e., from right to left).

To create a new element (activity or name), right-click somewhere in the left field and click on Add new from the context menu. To change/delete an element, right-click on it and choose Properties/Delete from the context menu.

It is also possible to create lists of activities and names in advance – just open the Credits manager from the Main Menu.

Countries/Locations – here the countries that have taken part in the creation of the content are described. Several countries could be added to each activity, except for Country of origin. The selected Country of origin is displayed in New Record -> General -> Country.

Companies – companies took part in content creation. Several companies could be added to each activity, except for [Company: creator]. The selected [Company: creator] is displayed in New Record -> General -> Company.

People – artists that have participated in the creation of content. Several people could be added to each activity, except for Star. The Star is displayed in New Record -> General -> Star.