Multi-Channel View

The user interface of the Multi-channel view of X-pert Ingest allows you to monitor and control up to 4 channels, operating in different capture modes. Major interface modules includes:


Menu bar – the Menu bar contains the following menus – File, Channel, View and Help. The availability of some features/commands depends on the current channel view or your other settings. For more information, go to the Menu bar section of this document.


Channel View Mode Indicator - Shows your current view (Multi- or Single- channel)


Video preview windows – simultaneous preview of up to 4 channels.


Preview Settings Menu - includes options related to Preview handling of Audio, Timecode or CC



Audio - From the right-pointed submenu, you will find the opportunity to Mute all audio channels on the preview

Time Code - Once you click on the submenu, you will be able to disable the Timecode option for the preview

Closed Captions - Opening the submenu will allows you to choose which one capturing channel to be shown on the preview. If you don't need CC on the preview, click on Disable.


Audio preview indicators - audio levels preview graph (volume meters)


Quick channel controls – It allows you to control your capturing without entering in Single  mode. This section contains information about the currently loaded preset, as well as four control buttons: Preset's, Crash capture, Abort and Single. Each button is described in the relevant section below:


Preset's - Use this button to apply a capturing preset to the channel.


Crash capture – use this button to override all scheduled clip capturing or predefined batch capturing and start capturing from the currently available source immediately.


NOTE: The Crash Capture button is active in Multichannel view only after channel’s mode is defined (Batch or Schedule) in Single-channel view, regardless of whether there are any batch items/schedule lists loaded.


Abort – use this button to abort current capturing session (active only while capturing, regardless of the capturing mode).


Single – click this button to switch to Single-channel view for the respective channel, where you can find more detailed information about the capturing mode and more sophisticated channel controls. You can always revert to Multi-channel view.


Channel status section - such section is available for each channel. It contains the Channel number (as numbered by X-Pert Ingest), current Channel status (Ready, Schedule capturing, Batch capturing, etc.), Plug-in name and version, channel Capturing mode (Batch or Schedule), current Video standard, Output file format and current Record position. 

The Record position timer – indicates elapsed capture time.


TIP:(!): The Record position timer is in different colors for Batch and Schedule mode. Use them to recognize the capturing mode, especially while you are in Multi-Channel View Mode.

Batch Capture - the color of the Record position timer is red.

Schedule capture - the color of the Record position timer is in orange while waiting on the scheduled time.



The Log section shows date, time and short description of all your activities and changes for all channels.

NOTE: The log entry for each channel is named by the relevant channel number, inserted in square brackets, e.g. [CH1].


Right-clicking on the log section will allows you to choose between the following options:

Save log to file  - use this function if you need to manually save the log. Once you click on it you have to browse a directory, where the log to be placed.

Clear log will clear the log section entries.