Driver Select


If you are opening the instance for the first time, the Drivers List dialog will appear along with the X-Pert Graphics logo when launching it.

NOTE: If you have already been operating with the X-Pert Graphics instance you are currently using, the Drivers List dialog is accessible either through

Project menu -> Driver Select or through the system bar: Program -> Driver Manager (  ) at the lower-left of the X-Pert Graphics window. Both options are described below.


On the Project menu, click Driver Select, as shown in the screenshot below:



Alternatively, you can access the Drivers List dialog from the system bar at the bottom of the X-Pert Graphics screen. Click the black arrow to the right of the Program button and then click Program Manager on the menu:



In the dialog that opens, select the program and preview drivers from the following options:

[Graphic Mixer Output] - supports the X-Pert Playout Graphic Mixer Engine. It provides animated logo support, video rotation and video-layer ordering. Can be used when X-Pert Playout and X-Pert Graphics are integrated in the same playout system.

[Preview Output Driver]- It is used for previewing the X-Pert Graphics project in a specially designed software preview window.

[Mapped Memory Driver] – This driver is used, when X-Pert Playout and X-Pert Graphics are being used in the same playout system. It allows keying the graphics over the video played in X-Pert Playout.

[TB DirectShow Driver] – This driver is used when there is a Blackmagic DeckLink card installed on the machine.

[NDI Output] - It's used when you need NDI output usage.

[Universal Render Device] - use this one when there is AJA installed on the server.

You have to choose the Program Driver and the Preview Driver separately.

Please, check the X-Pert web site ( or contact X-Pert Support team for further assistance on chat button, via e-mail at or phone +359 8 77 66 33 51. for currently supported boards.