In this tab you can classify an entry by using the classification scheme, created in the Classification   manager in the Main Menu.

Type – this field describes the type of content – cinema, news, sport, etc. When you choose a Type, only the relevant Category and Genre will appear.

For example, for Type[cinema], the Categories are [movie film], [documentary], [animation], etc.; and Genres are [action], [comedy], [drama], etc.

Category – a category of the selected type. You can select only one category from the pop-up list.

Genre – all the genres of a type. Select a genre from the left-hand field and move it to the right-hand field. You can do this in three ways: by double-clicking on it, by pressing the right-arrow >> button, or by right-clicking on it and then clicking on Assign from the context menu. Discarding a genre from the list is done in much the same manner as adding one – by using the left-arrow << button, or double-clicking. To add/delete a Genre from the list, right-click on it and choose Add/Delete from the context menu.

Keywords – any keywords for the entry. They are managed in the same way as Genres.