Object Menu

This menu contains object-related commands:

Play- shows and runs the selected object on the graphics frame buffer.

Pause- freezes the object but it remains displayed on the graphics frame buffer.

Stop – hides the object from the graphics frame buffer.

Add to Scheduler – Adds the selected object to the Scheduler.

Remove From Scheduler – Removes the selected object from the Scheduler.

Scheduler Properties – Shows the properties of the schedule

Order – This function is active when there are overlapped objects. You can move the selected object under or over the others.

Alignments – This function is active when more than one object is selected. It allows for aligning the objects to each other.

Assign Task - this function invokes the Task Manager for the selected object. More detailed information you can read in section Task Manager, further in that manual.

View Events – select it to view all tasks, assigned for the currently selected object. This menu item corresponds to the View Events List button in the toolbar .

Object list – shows a window with a list of all objects available in the current X-Pert Graphics project.

Property – opens the Properties window of the currently selected object.

Property Tools – opens additional properties windows for objects (text, rolls, and crawls).

The commands from this menu (except for Assign Task) are also displayed in the second uppermost row of the toolbar.