Network Menu

This menu concerns the connection between X-Pert Playout and X-Pert Graphics.

NOTE: This feature is available for the X-Pert Graphics full version only. It is not available in the X-Pert Graphics basic version.

For detailed step-by-step guide on how to integrate X-Pert Graphics with X-Pert Playout look up in APPENDIX 3 – Integration of X-Pert Playout with X-Pert Graphics

Export Project as Template – exports the currently open project as a template. It will be saved in the specified Template folder. You have to specify this folder during X-Pert Graphics Net Control activation (see Appendix 3 for details).

IMPORTANT: The project must be exported as a template, so that it could be controlled through X-Pert Playout.

Net control – shows the connection status between X-Pert Playout and X-Pert Graphics.

IMPORTANT: In order to be able to control X-Pert Graphics through Net Control output events from X-Pert Playout, you have to switch X-Pert Graphics in Net Control mode (X-Pert Graphics Network menu Net Control).

If you want to control a X-Pert Graphics project (and its separate objects) from X-Pert Playout, you have to export it as a template (X-Pert Graphics Network menu-> Export project as template). The template folder will open automatically, so you do not have to browse for it. Just type a name and press Save.