Acappella Switcher Editor



Depending on the switcher model, the currently available inputs/outputs will be displayed in a matrix grid, in which you can configure the command you need.



The available matrix levels, which refer to digital video, analog audio and digital audio are listed in the Levels field.

Double-clicking on a level will open a dialog, in which you can define its name, and the inputs’ and outputs’ numbers.

When you insert the desired level configuration, click OK.

To define inputs and outputs of the selected level, mark and unmark the cross cells in the grid with a single click. Double-clicking on a column/row header opens a dialog for changing its label.

If you want to delete all current commands (at all levels), use the Clear commands button.

Note that it works only in Offline mode.


If Auto refresh is checked, the grid will automatically reflect the matrix status every time any of the switcher’s Input/Output buttons is pressed. If not checked, you can update this information manually by clicking the Refresh button.



Use the radio buttons to select the mixer operation mode - Online or Offline.


 You can also set an event offset via the Run event field, if necessary. The number you enter in the field is in milliseconds.

 Press OK when ready.