MainConcept HEVC Settings


Main Settings




The Main Settings tab allows you to configure the video encoder.


Generic area

You can select the settings of the HEVC preset. Each Preset is a predefined group of encoding settings, designed to facilitate the user. You can also specify the Profile, Tier, Level and Performance in the corresponding fields.


Rate Control area

The Rate Control area allows you to modify the input video encoding Mode.

Depending on the Mode, you can set different values. For Constant and Variable bit rate mode you can set the minimum Bit-rate speed in kbits/sec, and for Constant quantizer you can enter different values for the Frame QPs in the respective field.

 If you check the Use HRD box, the program will optimize the buffering mechanism with a hypothetical reference decoder, so that the video bit stream will not suffer from buffer overflow or underflow.


Once the Use HRD box is checked, you will be able to set the CPB size (the size of coded picture buffer in kbits). If your Rate control Mode is Variable bit rate or Constant Rate Factor, you can also enter a value for the HSS rate (the hypothetical stream scheduler rate (bits/sec) of the encoded video elementary stream).


NOTE: In Use HRD mode it is advisable that the Rate control Mode is set to Constant bit rate and the CPB size is equal to three times the Bit rate.


GOP Structure area

In the Gop structure area you can set the Maximum GOP length and the Maximum B-frames count. Depending on your needs, enter the following values:


For I-frame set the Max GOP length to [1] and the Max B-frames count to [0]

For PAL set the Max GOP length to [12] and the Max B-frames count to [2]

For NTSC set the Max GOP length to [15] and the Max B-frames count to [3]


Depending on your preferences, you can also check Scene change detection and Adaptive B-frames, if you have entered a value in the Max B frames count spin-box.


The bottom fields, Input info and Statistics, show the configurations of the input, as well as statistics about the encoding speed, bitrate, and the number of encoded frames. If you place a check on the Overall PSNR box, you will be able to see also the peak signal-to-noise ratio of your video input.


If you click the Restore default button, your settings will be changed back to the default ones.


Advanced Settings


The Advanced Settings tab allows you to change some additional settings. If you want to change a certain setting from the Parameter column, simply double-click on the corresponding Value input, and enter the desired value.