Main Instance

It is the default name of the first (original) copy. Its description appears in the right half of the window:

Name – name of the instance. By default, the name is “main”.

Quality – subjective measurement of the instance’s quality. It can be chosen from a list, previously prepared in the Qualities Manager from the Main Menu.

Main – Determines whether the instance is the main one or not. Only one program instance could be “main instance”. If there is only one instance, it will be named “main” by default.

The main instance is used in calculating the program duration, displayed in the Grid and in New Record  -> General. When you have more than one instance, the main one is transferred to X-Pert Playout via drag-and-dropping the clip.

Duration contains the Program duration. If the instance consists of several parts, their durations are cumulated.

Kill date – The expiration date, when the particular instance (copy) has to be deleted. It appears if an Expiry period has been defined beforehand in Options -> Default Values. You can change the Kill date later. When the Kill date comes, there are two possibilities, definable in Options  -> General – deleting the instance without notification or notifying for expired instances and showing them in Expired node in the Tree View.

Notes – Used for storing useful notes about the instance. It is a text field, limited to 255 symbols.

To add a new Instance, right-click on the left window and select New instance from the context menu.

To delete an Instance, right-click it and then click Delete.

Part – It appears only when the entry has different parts, i.e., it has been divided (and recorded) in several parts or trimmed (split) in separate sections with the Clip Trimmer.

If you want to add a new part, right-click on the Main Instance and select New part from the context menu. If you trim the file, the parts will be created automatically, according to the succession of the trimmed sections.

To delete a part, right-click on it and then click on Delete.

Under one part you can define Streams and Media.