Metadata Export Plugins



The Metadata export plugins are used for exporting of metadata, so that it can be used by applications, other than X-Pert Ingest.  Check the desired plugin and click OK .

NOTE: The metadata files will be created, ONLY if the capturing process is successfully completed, i.e. if you Abort the ingest manually, metadata file will not be generated.


MD Dump Writer - The “MD” in the .md file extension (also written as .metadump) stands for “Metadata Dump”. It saves the whole metadata related to the captured file.


MTD File Writer - Metadata is saved to a .mtd file, (in HTML format) which is supported in most X-Pert software. Check the plugin and click Setup to configure it. A new dialog will open and you can select the error detecting algorithm from the following checkboxes:


Calculate full checksum - the mtd. file will be generated with full checksum of the captured file.

Calculate partial checksum - the checksum will be done on the first 100 KB of the captured file.


TCI File Writer - It will saves metadata to a .tci file with timecoding information, i.e. initial timecode and finally captured timecode.