Media Folders

This tool was developed to allow for specifying watch folders that might contain media files. Thus, if there are missing files in a playlist, these folders will be automatically searched upon playlist loading.

NOTE: Media folders do not operate in run-time! You need to reload the playlist in order to check the watch directories.

To add a new watch directory, click on the plus sign and browse for it. As soon as it is inserted in the list, you can adjust its settings:

Double-click in the Active column to enable watching the folder, described in the line to the right.

If you want X-Pert Playout to parse the sub-directories of a selected watch folder, double-click on the Subfolders column to turn the closed sign into a green tick-mark.

Auto-replace – this function will update the file paths of the missing files upon saving the playlist. If not enabled, the new location of files will not be saved in the playlist.