Playlist Checker

This tool checks the playlist for inconsistencies. Enable the criteria you need by checking the box in front of them.

Below you will find description of some of the checking criteria:

 Missing clips – checks for missing clips in the playlist

 Unsupported clips – checks for clips with an unsupported format in the playlist

 Overlapped clips – this check is related to fixed-start time clips that overlap previous clips in the playlist.

 Missing Logo Off events between Logo On events – checks if there is a Logo Off event between the Logo On events

 Missing Logo On events between Logo Off events – checks if there is a Logo On event between the Logo Off events

 Non-sequential bookmarks with time zones:

Bookmarks with time zones should be situated in sequential order, i.e., following the normal time flow. This means that bookmarks with earlier time zones should be situated up in the playlist, while bookmarks with later time zones should be placed down the playlist. This will ensure their correct execution.

 Gaps larger than – when using fixed-start times and there is not enough content to be played before them, gaps are formed in the playlist.

 Missing TapeID info for subtitling of clips in [Category name] – Subtitles are shown based on the TapeID of the clip and the currently running time code. If a Tape ID is missing from a clip’s properties, no subtitles will be displayed over it. Therefore, it is important to make sure that all TapeIDs are in place. Just specify the category of clips that require subtitling and check if all of them have TapeIDs in their properties.

 Missing Metadata in Clips – this field contains settings for verifying the availability of all metadata, usually needed for Graphic rules.

Metadata is described in the clip properties. Each metadata has a name and value, where the name represents a category, and the value represents the information about this category. Please, check the Metadata description above. The playlist checker uses the metadata names as reference and checks the presence of the corresponding metadata values.

 From category [Category name] – here you have to specify the category of the clips you want to check, like clips that belong to category [Music]


The list of metadata fields to be checked is situated to the left below. You can pick them from the list of presets to the right: Just select the Metadata name you need and press the button to add it.

If the Metadata name is not available in the list of presets, create a custom name in the string above it, and press the   button to add it to the left.

To remove a metadata name from the check-list, select it from the list to the left, and press the   button.

To clear the whole check-list, press .

If the Check playlist button finds an inconsistence, the relevant criterion turns red. The arrow to the right of it becomes active. Press it do view the list of inconsistencies, sorted by their position in the playlist.