Add Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) Live Input 


With SRT X-Pert Ingest is able to receive UDP stream packed with SRT layer. The technique used by SRT to recover packet loss is called ARQ (Automatic Repeat Request). SRT can be run in the modes Caller, Listener and Rendezvous. The mode only tells who initiated the connection, not in what direction the UDP stream is sent. In Rendezvous mode both nodes are initiating the communication. Rendezvous mode is used when both nodes are behind firewalls and allows for communicating without configuring the firewall.

Go to Settings -> Live Input Editor and choose the following preferences, based on the example below:

Type - Software Streaming Devices

Device - XMS Streaming Input

Address -  Enter the SRT URL

Audio & Video Formats -> As its from the stream - this option should be checked when you are configuring the SRT input stream.

See below example screenshot of SRT input configuration.


NOTE: When configuring SRT input feed you are able to add after port a different mode of communication: listener, caller and rendezvous. It can be configured with ?mode= for example as ?mode=listener when feed is set to be caller and vice versa if feed is listener, live input have to have ?mode=caller.