Current Playlist  

This tab contains information and simple controls about the currently loaded playlist.

Name – this is the title of the currently loaded playlist. It is different from its filename. You can change it in the dialog that appears after double-clicking in the string.

IMPORTANT! When you rename the playlist, do NOT use special symbols (like ‘/’,\’ and ‘,’). X-Pert Playout will NOT accept names with such symbols and it will return an error.

Start time – by default, it is set to zero. You can set a different start time for the playlist by either entering the value, or using the arrow keys.

TC – this is an offset that will be applied to the time code, which is broadcast over the network – see Settings menu -> General section.

If the  Lock playlist box is checked, it will prevent you from editing the currently loaded playlist, as well as from loading another playlist. Use it to prevent accidental changes of the playlist during playout.

Playlist Loop if checked, when the playback of the last clip in the playlist is complete, playback will continue from the beginning of the playlist again.

Clip Loop – if checked, the currently playing clip will be repeated until unchecked. When X-Pert Playout is in stop mode, this check will loop the first clip to be played after resuming the playout (i.e. the last played before pushing the Stop button).