Tools Menu

This menu was created to accommodate some useful tools in X-Pert Playout.


Change file path…

This module is intended for relocating file paths. If you have built a playlist and, for some reason, the file locations have been changed, here you can quickly relocate file paths. This can be done easily. Just fill in the Old folder field with the original location, and then fill in the New folder field with the new location. You may browse for path with the Browse  button. There are two view options:

 If you check Show only files that exist in new folder, only the files that are available in the New folder will be displayed in the     list below;

 Show only missing files displays only the files from the playlist, which are Missing.

The Selection modes are self-explanatory and give opportunity for fast selecting/deselecting of all items, inverse, and missing only selection.

When the Change button is pressed, the file paths are relocated, and this is reflected in the playlist immediately.


SubX-Pert Graphics

SubX-Pert Graphics is an optional plug-in for the X-Pert Playout module. It enables using subtitles together with your running clips. SubX-Pert Graphics does not provide any editing options; it just shows your subtitles synchronized with your clips. The supported subtitle formats are the ones, created by our own subtitling software Subtitle Plus – (*.sub); Screen Subtitling/Win2020 (*.pac); and EBU t3264 (*.stl). It is best to use SubX-Pert Graphics with Subtitle Plus native files. They contain the TapeID (the reference to the corresponding media files), so SubX-Pert Graphics could “know” when to load and display the subtitles for each clip.

Enable the plug-in and configure it. The only thing you need to specify in the Configure… dialog box is the folder, where your subtitles are located (Watch directory), and the language you are using. Press the Show filelist button to view all the subtitle files, contained in the Watch directory:

SubX-Pert Graphics will take care of broadcasting your subtitles in accordance to the playlist, loaded in X-Pert Playout.

NOTE: Make sure the Filename parser is set to a preset with naming structure [Tape ID] and [SEPARATOR] before you load the playlist. Check the  Variable length radio button. In the clip’s properties dialog, fill in the same Tape ID as of the subtitle file. Otherwise, X-Pert Playout will not display the subtitles.

Use the TC Offset spin-box to apply an offset to the subtitles displayed. This offset is measured in frames. You can also use negative numbers here.

Check the Output3D box if you want to display 3D subtitles. The Offset spin-box here is used for depth measuring. If you set a positive number, the subtitles will appear deeper in the screen and vice versa.