Save/Load Settings

If you need to configure several playout servers in the same way, you can use these two options to copy settings and apply them to other machines. Thus, you will avoid configuring all your machines one by one.

You can export the settings of all X-Pert Playout channels on the machine, or you can only copy those of the currently open channel.

To export the settings of the current X-Pert Playout instance, go to Settings menu Save config, and select the X-Pert Playout #... line. The resulting file has extension *.pb1, which means that it contains settings for only one X-Pert Playout channel.

WARNING! Please, make sure to name the channel-setting file after the instance name, so that you know for sure which channel’s settings are contained in it. Later, when you try to load the *.pb1 file on another system, X-Pert Playout will not be able to distinguish which channel’s settings you load; therefore you need to recognize this from the filename.

To export the settings of all X-Pert Playout channels, select All X-Pert Playout instances. The resulting file has extension *.pb0. Later, when you load it on another machine, it will affect all X-Pert Playout channels available there.