Access Control

A new menu item, the Access Control aims at improving the security of X-Pert Playout. The idea for password protection of some settings that might be crucial to playback performance is already a fact.

The first time you enter this menu item, you will have to go to the Change password row. Clicking on it will open a dialog box, containing three cells – Old password, New password, and Confirm password. As this is the first time you enter this menu item, leave the first cell empty, then write your password twice – in the second and in the third cells (your password can contain up to 256 symbols). Click OK.

WARNING! Make sure not to forget the password!

Now you are already logged on. In order to restrict the access of all other users to the Settings menu, you just have to log off. Almost all menu items will become inaccessible – at any attempt to enter, a password will be required.

The only exceptions are Colors (as they will not affect the playback); Enable SubX-Pert Graphics (but not Configure); and Mirror mode (Full mode, Idle mode, Change dongles, also without configuration options access).

If you decide not to use password protection any more, just go to Change password, and enter the old password in the relevant field. Leave the New password and Confirm password fields empty and click OK.