Default start tolerance

In case you could accept some later or earlier start of your fixed-time events, specify the exact parameters here. Thus, if the time until the end of the previous clip is within the allowable later start, it will be played out without being truncated. Again, if it finishes earlier, within the allowable earlier period, the fixed time clip will start playing without the need to fill-in a several seconds’ gap. This is not a fixed offset!

Example: Let us assume that there are two items in the playlist – an “ordinary” clip, followed by a fixed-time clip. The first one finishes at 11.00.20, and the second one must start at 11.00.00. This is a time-conflict situation. However, if the fixed-time has set a later start tolerance of 30 seconds for example, X-Pert Playout will play the first item until its end and the fixed-time will start at 11.00.20.

To recapitulate, later tolerances allow playback of the previous item to the end, and earlier tolerances allow avoiding short gaps (if possible).