Default behavior when overlapping preceding events

When using fixed-time events in the playlist, one can always come across some conflicts with the “ordinary content” (i.e., without fixed start times). There can be two major conflict types:

1.) The content to be played until the fixed start time is more than the time allowed (for example, there are 15 minutes of clips and only 10 minutes until the fixed time) – so there is overlapping;

2.) There is not enough content to be shown until the fixed start time (say there are 5 more minutes of clips in the playlist before the fixed time row, and the fixed time itself will go on-air after 15 minutes) – a gap is formed.

It is up to you to precise the rule for automatic settling of this conflict.

The default behavior when overlapping preceding events could be one of the following:

 Skip playing event and do an auto-fill – all preceding clips that cannot be played as a whole (i.e., from the beginning until the end) before the beginning of the fixed-time clip will be skipped. A gap will appear in the playlist as a result of this skipping. This gap will be filled in accordance with the auto-fill rules, set by you (see the Default gap-filling category below).

Let us assume that there are five minutes remaining until the fixed time and you have two clips to go (before the fixed time), both of which are 3 minutes long. In this case X-Pert Playout will not be able to play the whole second clip, so this clip will be skipped, and an auto-fill event (category or default clip) will be played-back instead.

 Truncate playing event – X-Pert Playout will playout as much of the preceding clip as possible, and when the time comes, it will cut to the fixed-time event (see also default start tolerance below).