Reload playlist

In this section you can adjust settings, related to the way X-Pert Playout handles playlist reloading.

 Reload playlist on file change – reloads the current playlist automatically, if in the meantime it has been changed and saved by another user.

 Reload daily playlist without playing it – in certain occasions playlists should not start playing when reloaded.

WARNING! When this box is checked, X-Pert Playout will not calculate the insertion point when reloading playlist on file change, either!

 Fill gap between playlists – if there is a gap between the current playlist and the playlist after it, X-Pert Playout will use the auto-fill clip to compensate for this gap if this box is checked

Pre-cache new playlist  minutes before start – specify how many minutes before the playlist starts X-Pert Playout should cache it.

IMPORTANT! The pre-cache time value has to be AT LEAST equal to the duration of the last file in the old playlist plus the time of the gap between the two playlists.

NOTE: For long playlists, we recommend entering higher pre-cache time values.

Daily Playlist loading tolerance second(s) – specify the daily playlist loading tolerance in seconds. Loading a playlist always takes a few moments, depending on its length. X-Pert Playout calculates the exact point to start playback after the playlist is loaded. Thus, if there is an event in the beginning of the playlist, it might be skipped (as the event’s duration is zero, its time could be considered to have passed after playlist loading). Therefore, you should set some loading tolerance to ensure the correct execution of the first event in the playlist (if any). Usually, one second should be enough, but it depends on the playlist length.

WARNING! Always enter a positive value in this spin-box. X-Pert Playout will not load a daily playlist at an earlier time!

If you work in Daily playlist mode, it is important to clarify what will happen in the case If there is no current daily playlist. X-Pert Playout offers the following possibilities:

 Try to load last daily playlist for same weekday – X-Pert Playout will search the daily playlist folder for old playlists for the same day of the week (i.e., Fridays), and will load the most recent one.

 Try to load past daily playlist from last  days X-Pert Playout will search the daily playlist folder for old playlists in accordance to your settings and will play the most recent one (i.e., yesterday’s, if available).

NOTE: If there are three playlists from the previous day (i.e. 10:00, 12:00, and 18:00), X-Pert Playout will load the latest one (i.e., 18:00), regardless of the current time (i.e. even if now it is 9:00 o’clock).

 Reload last daily playlist on and of the current daily playlist – X-Pert Playout will load the currently playing daily playlist again, as soon as it ends.

If you have checked Reload playlist on file change, it is important to define when the reloading will happen.